Eventbrite - Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks — 3rd Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2012

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We are pleased to invite you to

Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks
— 3rd Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2012

taking place

on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

in Room 1246 at Donald P. Jacobs Center,
Kellog School of Management on Northwestern University campus
in Evanston/IL, near Chicago/IL on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Abstract: ^
We are pleased to announce the third Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2012 on Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks. The aim of the symposium is to foster cross-disciplinary research on complex systems within or with the help of arts and humanities.

The symposium will highlight arts and humanities as an interesting source of data, where the combined experience of arts, humanities research, and natural science makes a huge difference in overcoming the limitations of artificially segregated communities of practice.
Furthermore, the symposium will focus on striking examples, where artists and humanities researchers make an impact within the natural sciences. By bringing together network scientists and specialists from the arts and humanities we strive for a better understanding
of networks and their visualizations in general.

The overall mission is to bring together pioneer work, leveraging previously unused potential by developing the right questions, methods, and tools, as well as dealing with problems of information accuracy and incompleteness. Running parallel to the NetSci2012 conference, the symposium will also provide a unique opportunity to mingle with leading researchers and practitioners of complex network science, potentially sparking fruitful collaborations.

In addition to keynotes and a number of contibuted talks, our third symposium will include a high-profile panel discussion. As in previous year, selected papers will be published in print, both in a Special Section of Leonardo Journal (MIT Press) and a dedicated Leonardo eBook (again MIT Press).

Confirmed keynote speakers: ^
Burak Arikan, Artist based in New York and Istanbul, USA/Turkey
Pedro Cano, Chief Technology Officer, bmat.com, Barcelona, Spain
Miriah Meyer, Assistant Professor, University of Utah, USA

Confirmed discussion panelists: ^
Albert-László Barabási, CCNR, Northeastern University, USA (NetSci2012 co-chair)
Petter Holme, Dept. of Physics, Umeå University, Sweden (NetSci2013 co-chair)
Cristián Huepe, Applied Math Department, Northwestern University, USA (scientist and electronic musician)
Isabel Meirelles, Dept. of Art + Design, Northeastern University, USA (information designer)
Julio M. Ottino
, McCormick Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Northwestern University, USA (painter and founder of NICO)
The panel is moderated by art historian Maximilian Schich.

Organizing committee: ^

Maximilian Schich, CCNR, Northeastern, USA / SOMS, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Roger Malina, Executive Editor at Leonardo Publications, France/USA
Isabel Meirelles, Associate Professor, Dept. of Art + Design, Northeastern University, USA
Cristián Huepe (local host), Applied Math Department, Northwestern University, USA

Attendance: ^
Attendance to our symposium is free of charge. As space is limited, we require registration through http://ahcn2012.eventbrite.com. Registration is free and will be given out in a first come, first serve basis.

Due to main conference policy, NetSci2012 attendees cannot register directly as part of the main conference registration at http://www.netsci2012.net. Please register for our symposium via http://ahcn2012.eventbrite.com in addition.

Eventbrite - Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks — 3rd Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2012

If you forget to register for our symposium or got stuck on the waitlist, you can try to get a seat directly at the venue. Note however, that we will prioritize NetSci2012 attendees when filling up remaining or no-show seats.

In case of questions, please drop us a mail at artshumanities.netsci@gmail.com.

Program Schedule: ^

8:30–9:00 Registration & Breakfast

Roger Malina: Opening Remarks

Maximilian Schich: Introduction

Pedro Cano: Keynote [Music Recommendation Networks].

10:10–10:40 Coffee break

James G. Ennis: Networks and fields of artistic taste: Exploring the dualities.

Marco Büchler, Gregory Crane, and Gerhard Heyer: Historical Relevance Feedback Detection by Text Re-use Mining.
& etraces.e-humanities.net

Katharina Anna Zweig: Human navigation in complex networks.

Hoyt Long and Richard Jean So: Network Science and Literary History.

12:00–13:30 Lunch (on your own)

Burak Arikan: Keynote ["The network does not exist, it has to be created"]
& graphcommons.com

Miriah Meyer: Keynote [Designing Visualizations for Biological Research]

14:50–15:20 Coffee break

Nan Cao and Yu-Ru Lin: Whisper 1.0: When and where is a story dispersed?

Elijah Meeks: ORBIS - Modeling Transportation in the Roman World.

Panel Discussion
: The Place of Arts and Humanities in Complex Network Research.
The panel includes Albert-László Barabási, Petter Holme, Cristián Huepe, Isabel Meirelles, and Julio M. Ottino. The panel is moderated by Maximilian Schich.

Submissions: ^
The AHCN2012 EasyChair submission system is now closed. Looking for a number of 15 minute contributions, we had an great response to our Call for Papers with 31 submissions in total. The initial acceptance rate was 23%. Contributors were selected using a peer review process with four independent reviews per paper. Selected submissions included an abstract not exceeding 300 words, a striking figure, as well as a relevant URL. Covering a large territory the selected paper topics include networks in art, networks in the humanities, networks in culture, network visualization research, as well as art about networks.

Important dates: ^
The deadline for applications was March 16, 2012.
Decisions for acceptance were sent out around March 30, 2012.
The symposium will take place on June 19, 2012 at Northwestern University near Chicago, IL on the shores of Lake Michigan.

About NetSci: ^
The International School and Conference on Network Science (NetSci 2012) brings together leading researchers and practitioners in network science — analysts, modeling experts, and visualization specialists with graduate students from many different research areas for interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. The conference focuses on novel directions in networks research within the biological and environmental sciences, computer and information sciences, social sciences, finance and business.

NetSci 2012 will take place in June 18-22, 2012 at Northwestern University near Chicago, IL on the shores of Lake Michigan and hosted by NICO, the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems.

Links: ^
Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks at NetSci2012:

Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks eBook (MIT Press):

: http://www.netsci2012.net

The 2011 abstracts, papers and videos:
The 2010 abstracts, papers and videos:

, Northeastern University, Boston: http://www.barabasilab.com
Dept. Art+Design, Northeastern University, Boston: http://www.art.neu.edu
NICO, Northwestern University, Evanston: http://www.northwestern.edu/nico/
, University of Texas at Dallas: http://www.utdallas.edu/atec/
: http://www.leonardo.info
Leonardo/OLATS: http://www.olats.org

Contact: ^
If you would like to be added to the list of interested people, please drop us an e-mail with the subject Please add me to the Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks list at artshumanities.netsci@gmail.com. Alternatively you can follow us on Twitter.



Northeastern - College of Arts, Media and Design & College of Science & Center for Complex Network Research
McCormick Northwestern Engineering
Leonardo - The International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology
The University of Texas at Dallas

ETH Zurich

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